Art & Fable Puzzle’s

The Art & Fable Puzzle Company was forged with purpose

Our work began even before our company was fully realized, aiming to expand the audience of hard-working artists and to bring attention to the beautiful illustrations and stories of forgotten fables. Our approach towards accomplishing this goal, was to create premium quality jigsaw puzzles while simultaneously contributing to charity.


Our licensed artists are full of passion and imagination, providing diverse and contemporary images for our puzzles. From our unique selection, you can choose from puzzles that are beautiful, deeply meaningful, and just plain fun! We are grateful for our partnership with these artists, allowing us to bring fine art into your home, onto your table, and into your hands! 

The team at Art & Fable hopes you will enjoy these painted images and illustrated storybook pages transformed into deluxe, 500-piece puzzles.  The art in combination with our distinctive Velvet-Touch surface is the cornerstone of our mission:  to support charities and artists while providing you with a lovely puzzle experience!